Mediation and Business Consulting Services 

Why online mediation?

Small business mediation processing and consulting services in Missouri

At JOBKA Mediation, we are able to provide our clients various alternative dispute resolution service online. Online Mediation services has become more popular with the COVID19 crises where face to face is impossible. However online sessions are found to be more advantageous in situations, for example, where parties live far apart. Online mediation also enable us to provide our service throughout the State of Missouri and in some cases other states. Our services includes:

-          Divorce / Family dispute

-          Small businesses Mediation

-          Employment Mediation

-          Community Mediation

Seeking the service of a Clergy mediator provides a relaxed atmosphere for both parties. It is also a great way to avoid the lengthy court battle and excessive legal fees. It also provides equitable and fair settlement for both all parties.  

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